Guidelines For End of Tenancy Cleaning

end of tenancy cleaning

My tenancy is ending…what do I need to do?

  • Ensure you have given the correct notice via email to your property manager. Even if you’re on a fixed term tenancy with a specific end date, you need to give your property manager 28 days’ notice that you plan to end your tenancy.
  • Arrange your movers or plan to move your possessions out of the property. You must vacate the property on or before your last day of the tenancy – you cannot return to the property after your tenancy has ended.
  • Plan your cleaning! The Residential Tenancies Act states that you must leave the property in a “reasonably clean and tidy state”. We recommend deep cleaning. Unless stated otherwise in your agreement, you are responsible for the gardens and lawns – ensure these are free of weeds and the lawns are mowed. Ensure the house is clean – follow the checklist below. Hiring a cleaning company is the easiest option, but you are not obligated to do this. Cleaning the property will take time – make sure you allow for this when planning your move.
  • Lock and secure the property. This means all the windows and doors must be closed and locked. You are responsible for the property being secure until midnight on the day your tenancy ends. For example, if you let in carpet cleaners to clean, you must then attend the property after they have left to ensure it is secure. Don’t forget to turn of the light switches!
  • Arrange the return of the keys with your property manager. Your keys must be returned to the Aspire Property Management office, 32 Anzac St, Takapuna on the final day of your tenancy – unless you have made an alternative arrangement with your property manager.
  • Await the return of your bond (security deposit) after the exit inspection has been carried out. Your property manager will arrange this

What do you mean by “clean and tidy’?

You will have received the property in a clean and tidy state at the start of the tenancy, and it’s our expectation that the property will be returned to us in the same state. At a bare minimum the Residential Tenancies Act states that you must leave the property in a “reasonably clean and tidy state”. We will have carried out an entry inspection when you started your tenancy, and we will be carrying out an exit inspection; where we cross check the photos from each and make sure the property is in a similar condition, accepting there will be some wear and tear. If the property is not returned to us in a reasonably clean and tidy condition, some of your bond (security deposit) may not be returned to cover this being rectified. The best way to ensure a smooth end to your tenancy is to make sure the property is clean and tidy from top to bottom.

Some tenants hire a cleaning company, but if not, here is a tenant move-out cleaning checklist to help you:

AreaTo dos Completed 
Floor coverings All floors must be cleaned and stains removed Vacuum and mop  Carpets must be clean   
Windows Cleaned inside and outside (where able) Window/sliding door sills cleaned   
Window coverings Venetians blinds clean Curtains clean (do not wash without prior approval) All window tracks cleaned and free from dust and bugs   
Bathroom All tiles cleaned, grout and ceiling mould free Shower screen, walls and floor cleaned Toilets cleaned inside and out Vanity cleaned on the top, drawers and cupboards cleaned Exhaust fan and light fittings clean Drain clear of hair  Showers and bathtubs must be left clean  Door frame dusted   
Kitchen All cupboards wiped inside and out Bench tops cleaned Oven (including trays and racks) and cooktop cleaned Exhaust fan clean and the top of the extractor Light fittings clean Door frame dusted  Vacuum and dust    
Bedrooms Built-in wardrobes cleaned, skirtings, including doors and mirrors. Door frame dusted. Vacuum and dust.   
Laundry Tub and cabinet cleaned  Walls and floors cleaned  Shelving cleaned Door frame dusted Vacuum and dust    
General External areas returned to the same condition as the beginning of the lease Gardens weeded and lawns mowed Garage empty and clean Bins emptied  All cobwebs gone from the exterior  Ceiling fans dusted Curtain rails and skirting boards cleaned and dusted   
Keys Keys for all locks returned  Remote controls returned  Instruction guides remain at the property  

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