About Us

Aspire Property Management was founded 2012 by Mike Atkinson, a property investor and an Auckland local. We aim to provide high level property management services to residential and commercial property using the same strategies employed by Mike to look after his own properties and with the help of his qualified team.

Our Team


Mike Atkinson

Managing Director

Ph: 021 277 4732
E: mike@aspireproperty.co.nz

Sarah Chapman

Business Development Manager

Ph: 022 612 3101
Email: sarah.chapman@aspireproperty.co.nz

Caleb Frost

Digital Marketing Manager

Ph: 021 247 0994
E: caleb.frost@aspireproperty.co.nz

Ally Kim

Accounts Manager

E: ally.kim@aspireproperty.co.nz

AJ Gill

Property Manager

Ph: 021 884 004
Email: aj@aspireproperty.co.nz

Nikki Ramage

Property Manager

Ph: 021 880 731
E: nikki.ramage@aspireproperty.co.nz

Yolie Cheng

Property Manager

Ph: 021 884 380
E: yolie.cheng@aspireproperty.co.nz

Jack Baird

Letting Manager

Ph: 021 246 3175
E: jack.baird@aspireproperty.co.nz

Natasha Davies

Property Manager

Ph: 021 880 917
Email: natasha.davies@aspireproperty.co.nz

Casey Nickson

Property Manager

Ph: 021 885 270
E: casey.nickson@aspireproperty.co.nz

Don Bailey

Maintenance Manager

Ph: 021 955 225
E: don@aspireproperty.co.nz

Michael Zhu

Maintenance manager

Ph: 021 059 8599
Email: michael.zhu@aspireproperty.co.nz