Aspire Property Management was founded in 2012 by Mike Atkinson, a property investor and an Auckland local. We aim to provide high level property management services to residential and commercial property using the same strategies employed by Mike to look after his own properties and with the help of his highly qualified team.


Mike Atkinson
Managing Director
09 555 3730

Mike has experience managing residential and commercial properties in New Zealand and the UK. He has also managed large-scale renovation projects so if you need any advice on refurbishment, and the increased rental income that can mean for your property, then get in touch. He is a sports tragic so don’t email during any important games.

Jess Coltman
Office Manager
021 247 0994

Jess is our super-knowledgeable office manager. She used to work for us as a property manager before having kids, so she knows the business inside-out.


Graeme Atkinson
Lettings Manager
021 880 349

Graeme oversees all of the enquiries for our properties for rent and co ordinates the viewings for the property managers.


Don Bailey
Maintenance Manager
021 955 225

Don has recently joined the team and has extensive experience in overseeing renovation and development projects. Don’s ability to spot a maintenance issue before it becomes a big one is second to none.


Daisy Sievewright
PA to MD
09 555 3730

Daisy is our longest serving employee and has been with us from day one! She can help you with almost anything!


Nikki Ramage
Property Manager
021 880 731

Nikki has a military and management background which serves her well in her role as property manager! Having emigrated from the UK she now calls New Zealand home, even supporting the Black Caps!

Jay Zhou
Property Manager
021 246 3175

Jay is our mandarin-speaking property manager and works primarily with our mandarin speaking clients. Jay has completed a Bachelor of Property at Auckland University. If you are seeking a mandarin speaker to look after your property please contact Jay and he will be happy to help you out.

James Gregory
021 459 994

James is fresh off the boat from the UK and it seems a Kiwi girl has stolen his heart so he’s here to stay. James ran his own renovations business in England and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He looks forward to showing you options for renovating your rental property to maximise your yield.


Jeremy Koh
Property Manager
021 884 004

Jeremy completed a Bachelor of Property at Auckland University and loves to apply what he has learned in the real world. His knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is second to none, we suspect he sleeps with a copy under his pillow.

Russell Atkinson
021 4 Snacks

Russell is a fairly new addition to the team – he loves to keep seats warm while the property team is out on the road, and he is always the first to remind everyone that it’s time for a snack break.