Property Management Fees

We believe in simple and transparent pricing—no hidden costs or extra fees. We are proud to offer one of the lowest property management fees in Auckland. And we keep our prices the same NZ-wide – which is a bonus for our customers outside of Auckland, where property management fees are always higher (but not ours!). If you have an investment portfolio or even one investment property in Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga, you should be with Aspire! We also have the happiest owners and tenants in NZ – check out our Google reviews. 

Our prices (excl GST): 

One of the lowest fees around – contact us today to discuss our management fee. We don’t add this fee to property maintenance bills or other outgoings – most other property management companies do 

$35 per routine inspection (entry and exit inspections are included in the management fee)  

$120 per Trade Me listing to market your property  

$30 per credit check on prospective tenants   

$75 if we represent you at the tenancy tribunal   

FREE rent appraisals 

We also charge a letting fee for finding new tenants for your rental property. We have two fee structure choices: 

  1. An increased management fee percentage to spread the letting fee cost over the tenancy  
  2. A one-off charge of one week’s rent

We do NOT add fees to maintenance bills or other outgoings! 

Aspire Property Management has saved our customers over $500,000 in unnecessary fees since 2012. Other property management companies add fees to routine maintenance bills, rates, water and healthy homes bills…we do not. We don’t think it is right to be incentivised to spend your money – so with us you know that any property maintenance we recommend is being recommended because it needs to be done, not because we make a fee on top of money you spend on your property.  If your current property management service is charging you these fees, then switch to us now and join NZ’s best property management company.  

Our prices explained:   

The management fee is charged on rent collected; if the tenant does not pay, we do not get paid.   

Entry and exit inspections are included in the management fee. Four routine inspections are recommended per year to comply with most insurance requirements.  

Tenancy tribunal fees are charged to cover our preparation time, but with our excellent property management skills this is highly unlikely to be required. We attend the tribunal approximately eight times annually with over 700 properties under management.  

Our fees are charged on rent collected and paid to us as rent is received. We issue you a statement every time we pay you. At the end of each financial year, you will receive a complete summary of your account and statements that detail all rent collected, expenses, and fees. You can also access our unique owner’s portal anytime to see how your property and accounts are going.  

Property management fees are fully tax deductible. All prices above exclude GST.  

Our friendly team is happy to discuss any of the fees above. Contact us now if you have any questions.   

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