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We are specialist property managers and the experts in our field – let us show you that owning investment properties can be easy, enjoyable, and rewarding.  We manage property portfolios of all sizes, get in touch today about yours. 

Why choose Aspire?

Low fees

We charge one of the lowest management fees in NZ, without compromising on service or results. How? We've invested in the latest technology to enable us to work accurately and efficiently, and we have great property managers on the team who are always training and finding ways to improve.

Tailored service

We know that every commercial property needs a plan that works for your specific needs and goals. Your property manager will work with you to agree on the best strategy for you. 

We care about our customers

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do; we are always questioning how we can work better for our customers and how we can improve our results for you. 

We are the local experts

We know the Auckland rental market like the back of our hand. 

Low management fee

We charge one of the lowest management fees in NZ, without compromising on service or results. How? We've invested in the latest technology to enable us to work accurately and efficiently, and we have great property managers on the team who are always training and finding ways to improve.

No fees added to bills

We never add fees to maintenance bills and other outgoings, other property management Auckland companies do

No lock-in contracts

You’re not locked into a contract - if you aren’t happy with us, we’d never force you to stay (though we know you’ll love us and you’ll want to stay!)

In-house maintenance team

We have an in-house maintenance team which means efficient and affordable service for our property owners

Specialist property managers

We don’t sell real estate - our only focus is property management, which is why we are the best in the business, join us and see!

Proven track record

We have very happy customers and award-winning property managers on the team. Join us today and let us prove to you how good we are. 

Specialist property managers

We don't sell real estate, we are 100% focused on managing your investment property. 

No hidden fees

We don't add fees to maintenance bills and other outgoings - most other property management companies do. 

Get Started Now

We have a knowledgeable team of commercial property managers who provide a comprehensive range of commercial property management services to ensure that your property is managed efficiently and effectively, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus your attention on other endeavours. 

Getting started with Aspire is as easy as letting us know you’re keen. We can even deal with your existing property manager for you if you don’t want to! Call us for a chat or fill out our contact form and our experienced team will get straight back to you. Then, if you like what you hear, you’ll be up and running with NZ’s best property managers before you know it.  

Our Property Management Service

Property Maintenance & Facilities Management

We offer a range of property services, including regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance of buildings, landscaping, and common areas.

Tenant Management

We handle tenant screening, lease negotiations, rent collection, and other tenant-related issues, ensuring your tenants are happy and satisfied.

Financial Management

We provide budget preparation, rent collection, and financial reporting; giving you complete visibility and control over your property's finances and operating expenses.

Legal Compliance

We stay up-to-date on all relevant laws and regulations, ensuring that your property is in compliance with all local and central government laws and regulations.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance team and network of trusted contractors will ensure your property is always secure, well-maintained and professionally managed.


Our team has a wealth of experience, ensuring your investment is performing at its best. We’ll provide guidance and advice to maximise your return on investment.

Commercial Property Management FAQs

All of them! No commercial property is too large or too small for us to manage. Currently, our portfolio consists of daycare centres, dentist surgeries, catering businesses, mechanic workshops, storage unit businesses, medical centres, and retail properties; all types of commercial and industrial properties can be managed at Aspire. 

Not all buildings, leases and situations are the same, so we take time to understand the set-up and what is required of Aspire, before creating a bespoke package that works for you. We are proudly one of the most competitively-priced commercial managers in Auckland – contact us today and we can prepare an appraisal and quote for you.  

We act as the intermediary between the landlord and tenants. We: 

Collect rent: ensuring it’s paid on time, every time  

Carry out property maintenance and repairs: we have an in-house maintenance team and an extensive list of excellent preferred contractors who get jobs completed efficiently. We try to avoid just reactive maintenance, we like to have a regular maintenance solution for our landlords before issues arise.  

Handle lease agreements and renewals: ensuring this is done well ahead of due dates to minimise disruptions 

Manage the tenant and any disputes: we pride ourselves on building excellent relationships with landlords and tenants, so we can keep disputes to a minimal 

Provide financial reporting and compliance: we use the latest platforms to ensure this is seamless 

Maximise the property’s value and ROI: ensuring rent is maximised and great tenants are in place with minimal vacancy  

Carry out regular property inspections and provide reports: we use the latest technology for reporting and we always carry out inspections ahead of their due date.

Yes! We have clients for whom we act as the facilities manager for their commercial buildings. 

Property and Asset Management: we oversee the management and maintenance of physical assets, including buildings and equipment 

Space Planning and Utilisation: we strategically plan and manage the effective utilization of space within facilities to maximise efficiency and accommodate the needs of occupants. 

Health and Safety Compliance: we ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, we implement safety protocols, and conduct risk assessments to maintain a safe and secure environment. 

Maintenance and Repairs: we coordinate and carry out routine maintenance, repairs, and upgrades using our commercial property maintenance service team, to ensure that facilities are operating efficiently and effectively 

Vendor and Contract Management: We engage and manage relationships with vendors, contractors, and service providers to deliver required services and maintain service level agreements. 

Budgeting and Financial Management: We develop and manage budgets, forecast expenses, and optimise resource allocation to achieve cost-effectiveness and value for money. 

A Deed of Lease, also known as a lease agreement, is a legally binding contract between the landlord (lessor) and the tenant (lessee). It outlines the terms and conditions of the lease, including the duration, rent amount, payment terms, maintenance responsibilities, and other clauses specific to the property and parties involved. 

OPEX stands for Operating Expenses. In commercial property leasing, OPEX refers to the expenses incurred for operating and maintaining the property. These expenses can include property taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance, utilities, property management fees, and other operational costs. OPEX is typically additional to the base rent and is often shared between the landlord and tenants based on the terms outlined in the lease agreement. 

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a document issued by the local council. It certifies that a commercial building meets the required standards for health and safety and compliance. The BWOF ensures that the building’s essential systems, such as fire protection, emergency lighting, and means of escape, are regularly inspected, maintained, and tested to ensure they are in proper working condition. Building owners are responsible for obtaining and displaying a valid BWOF. 

Contact our commercial team today, and we’ll give you a call (or email if you prefer) for an initial chat to get to know your situation. We will then provide you with a free, and no-obligation, quote for our services. 

Get in touch with us now to find out how easy owning a commercial property can be.

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