Why Choose Aspire to Manage your Property?

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Service-focused Property Management with happy landlords and happy tenants

Aspire Property Management is rated 4.9/5 on Google with over 200 reviews. We get positive reviews from our landlords and our tenants because we are committed to providing an excellent rental experience for both parties. Tenants that are looked after benefit you by staying longer and taking better care of your property. This doesn’t mean we give tenants everything they want. Instead, we communicate with them quickly and clearly, and if something does not benefit the landlord, we work hard to provide a solution that helps both parties. If a tenant’s request is declined, we communicate promptly and explain why.

We focus on using the latest technology to ensure that our people have the most time possible for building relationships with our property owners and tenants. A great property management experience for landlords and tenants involves the right people and technology working together.

What technology does Aspire use?

  • Renti – the best platform available for collecting tenant data in accordance with the Privacy Act
  • Digital signing on tenancy agreements
  • Digital signing and tenant notes on paperless entry inspections
  • Tenancy extensions and rent reviews that get approved by you right from your phone
  • Full access to your statements, maintenance, and inspections in your online owners portal
  • Automated tenancy arrears notices; if your tenant does not pay the rent, we remind them automatically
  • A tenant app that allows them to view their rent payments and outstanding invoices directly from their phone, making staying up-to-date straightforward
  • Both owners and tenants can view maintenance jobs online as they progress from initiation, contractor attending right through to completion

Don’t pay twice for your maintenance

Unlike most property management companies, we don’t charge you to arrange maintenance. We do not charge a percentage on the money that you spend. This way, we aren’t incentivised to spend your money. If we let you know you need to do maintenance, it’s because it’s in your property’s best interest, not ours. Most other property management companies will add their management fee to each one of your maintenance bills. Check now if you are being charged this fee – and if you are consider changing to Aspire now! 

We adhere to pre-agreed maintenance spend limits. You are notified when we need to spend money at your property. Should the job exceed our spending limit, you will receive a quote to approve. Our policy is that you should have no surprises on your statements.

We have our own in-house maintenance team, so we can quickly attend to maintenance and build up knowledge about your property that no other company can.

Communication is key

We will always update you on anything that happens at your property and we will communicate with you via your preferred method, whether it be emails, text messages or phone calls. 

We also update you on any law changes, how they might impact you, and what steps we take to ensure you remain compliant.

We keep our eye on the rental market so we can be getting the best rental returns for you at all times. You will receive our quarterly market updates to your inbox. 

Your property manager is always available to answer any questions you may have about your property, the market or future plans for your investment portfolio. 

If you want to experience why over 700 landlords trust us to look after their rental property, contact us now! 

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