Rent Appraisals

two property managers in office

Aspire Property Management provides accurate and reliable information that helps landlords and potential landlords make the right property decisions. Our rental appraisal process is stress-free and comes with no obligation to use our property management services.

We maintain our accurate rental appraisal record by using our proven method and having access to a significant stock of properties in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

The accuracy of your appraisal is very important. You might consider getting multiple appraisals from different property management companies and going with the highest. But if you list your property too high, you will lose the initial impact of the listing, and your property will sit empty for longer, increasing your vacancy costs. On the other hand, if you list the property too low, you will lose rent for the next 12 months (as rent can only be reviewed after the first 12 months of the tenancy). These can be costly mistakes that impact your bottom line.

Our agent will visit your property, explain exactly how our property management service works and inspect your property. We detail all key features of your property and the neighbourhood. We will also highlight any improvements that might add value to your rental property and enable you to charge higher rent.

We then compare your property with our existing stock, the previous bonds lodged in your area, the current stock on the market and what other properties have been rented for in your area. We have our own proprietary database of listings right across New Zealand, and this is how we achieve our accuracy rate.

Your appraisal is reviewed and signed off by a second team member and sent to you.

If you want to know what your property can rent for or need to get that finance sorted out get in touch with us now.

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