Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Property From Aspire Property Management

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Viewing a property

Is this property still available?

If a property is listed on TradeMe it means it is available for rent. Once we have received a signed tenancy agreement for a property the listing is immediately removed from TradeMe.

When is the property available?

You can see this information on the TradeMe listing.

Can I book a viewing? To book a viewing visit our website and click on the property you wish to book for. It’s important you enter your details correctly as we will send SMS reminders and any updates to your mobile number, including any cancellations or schedule changes.

The advertised viewing times don’t work for me, can I book a private viewing?

If the time does not work for you, click “viewing times not suitable” on TradeMe and advise in the comment section a list of times that would suit you. Our lettings team and property manager will do their best to accommodate your request, but your best chance of securing a property is to attend the first scheduled viewing.

When do you do viewings?

We conduct viewings for properties Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 9:30am to 4pm. Our viewings run for 15 minutes, so please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to find a carpark and be ready to view the property at the scheduled time. Our lettings agent will be quickly moving on to their next appointment so they can’t accommodate late arrivals.

What do I do if I miss a viewing?

Please reschedule for the next available time via our website.

Can I apply for a property before attending a viewing?

You can apply for a property prior to viewing it, however we will only process your application once you have viewed the property. Please do not apply for a property and then wait for us to contact you about a viewing – you need to book into view the property yourself via our website.

I currently live out of town – how can I view a property?

Your best option is to get a local friend or relative to attend a viewing on your behalf and get them to video call with you so you can see the property. Alternatively, you can book a viewing for yourself and make a note for the property manager that you’d like them to video call with you during the scheduled viewing time (this service is only available to people living out of town and is only available if the property manager has agreed to this with you prior to the viewing).

Do I have to view a property to rent it?

Yes. All prospective tenants must attend a viewing. This ensures that you know exactly what the property is like and it avoids any complications in the future if the property does not meet your expectations.

Applying for a property

Where do I apply?

There are two ways you can apply. Visit our website and click “apply here.” Or you can apply on TradeMe from a desktop or laptop. Make sure you’re logged in to your TradeMe account and then click on “apply now.”

When will you process my application?

We will only process an application once you have attended a viewing AND all applicants have completed at least Stage One of the application form. To give yourself the best chance of securing a property quickly, you should get all applicants to fill out Stage Two as well.

Who needs to apply for a property?

Any person who will live in the property who is 18 years and over needs to apply. Children can be listed as dependents on the application, but any children 18 years or over also need to apply as an adult.

I have elderly dependents who will be living at the property, do they need to apply?

Yes, we legally need every person over the age of 18 on the tenancy agreement. They need to supply their names, date of birth and an ID at the very least.

I’ve been reminded to fill in “stage two” of my application, but I can’t find it?

Search for an email from Renti in your inbox or spam folder. Renti is the platform we use to collect applications. If you’ve searched and you still can’t find it, you can call the Renti helpline on 0800 468 230.

I’ve viewed a property and I’ve applied, what next?

We will process your application once completed, and we’ll be in touch with you. You will be notified either way if you’ve been successful or not. If you haven’t received any notifications, it means that we are still working through the applications. Sometimes this can take several business days if we’ve received a lot of applications, and sometimes the owners of a property want to hold several viewings before choosing a tenant.

Can I have a pet at the property?

All our listings will say whether you can or cannot have pets, or if pets are negotiable. Please provide details of your pet/pets on your application and it’s up to the property manager and owner to decide if they are accepted for the property.

How can I find out more about the property?

All relevant information should be on the TradeMe listing, but if you’ve read that and still have questions, please ask them via TradeMe and the property manager will be in touch.

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