You’ve found the best property managers in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay… and all of Auckland!

6.5% management fee

We charge just 6.5% of rental income to manage a property for you. Many property managers charge up to 10%. We also believe we offer the best service at the best rate – an unbeatable deal for landlords!

No fees added to bills

If you have used a property manager before, you will probably have noticed they add a fee onto bills for work carried out on your behalf (ie plumber, locksmith).
We don’t do this – ever.

No fixed term agreement

We don’t believe in locking landlords into a fixed term agreement – we want you to stay with us because we are doing a good job, and because you like working with us. If you want to take your property back you can do so with 30 days notice at any time.

Switching from another property manager?

It is as easy as getting in touch with us. We can notify the previous property manager and work with them to arrange the handover. Contact us today.

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FREE rent appraisal

If you have a rental property, or you have found an investment property you want to buy, contact us and we’ll complete a rent appraisal for you, free of charge, with no obligation.

We pride ourselves on knowing the market inside and out – and we can help you check you are getting the rent you should be for your property.

Regular and best in show inspections

We use market leading property inspection software to ensure that all owners are kept up to date on the condition of the property throughout. Ask to see one of our template inspections now. Inspections are stored in the cloud so all property managers have access at anytime so they can easily discuss issues with tenants on the spot.